Good Old Groovetown. Their latest article mentions three things we completely forgot, or even (gasp) didn’t know about. Rather than nicking their news wholesale, I suggest you go over there and read it, but we can’t let the new fifth series of Scrapheap Challenge go without a mention.

Presented by Robert Llewellyn and new-to-the-show Lisa Rogers, it’s on between 5:35-6:40pm tonight (the 14th) on Channel 4. A 13-part series, even those of you who have never watched it probably know the premise by now: two competing teams build contraptions out of junk, and then test them to see which is best. This week’s episode has “the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy compete to build a car that will race on two wheels at the Santa Pod drag strip”. Excellent.

And sorry this is such short notice for a news item. That’ll teach me to actually read the Radio Times, rather than just rant about how they got the presenters wrong for Friends Like These yesterday. Bah. And for our American readers, it should go out as Junkyard Wars on TLC in early 2004.

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