The NFT have a talk about State Of Play at 6:30pm this coming Saturday (27th September), as part of TV2003. The Dwarf connection here is that as well as featuring director David Yates, writer Paul Abbott, and members of the cast, producer Hilary Bevan Jones is there as well – who also produced Red Dwarf V. Yes, I know it’s tenuous. Shut up. I suggest that you all go and interrupt the event with questions about the departure of Juliet May.

Incidentally, I found about about this from last month’s TV Zone (#167) – which also has an excellent piece by Andrew Pixley on Blackadder II. This includes a short boxout on the music for the show, most of which was composed by Howard Goodall himself. An excerpt from this is given below:

The minimalist music for the series was largely composed by Howard Goodall and performed by six musicians including a few solo items for Keith Thompson on recorder and Kate Young on keyboards. Jeremy Jackson performed the ballards on the closing credits sequences; these verses were written by Goodall after Ben Elton and Richard Curtis let him glace through the scripts in the pub whereupon Goodall made plot notes on a beermat.

Excellent, although it makes you wonder what it is with Red Dwarf and beermats. It’s well worth getting hold of that article, as it’s rather interesting. Same goes for each of Andrew’s articles each month, and most of TV Zone itself, actually. On the minus side, they do appear to think that the term “lookm througfh” is acceptable.

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