Wah. After checking the BBFC every single day for extras, I miss one day and Back In The Red get there first. Damn. Entitled Red Dwarf – Ace Rimmer: A Life in Lame, it actually consists of quite a lot of the IV extras.

First, A Life in Lamé itself lasts 11 minutes 10 seconds – remember, this will be “a collection of Ace clips charting the hero’s journey”, and includes some new links from Hattie Hayridge as Holly, which should be excellent. The Lurve featurette lasts 3 minutes – as it goes to the tune of Dizzy from Vic Reeves and the Wonderstuff, so will probably be actually quite good. The Deleted Scenes lasts for 20 minutes 50 seconds, whilst the Smeg Ups lasts for 10 minutes 38 seconds. The Dimension Jump featurette lasts for 1 minute 40 seconds – presumably, the animated Six Of The Best snippet, and one of the easter eggs. Finally, there are lots of little things:

00:01:42:06 | RED DWARF - EASTER EGG
00:00:33:16 | RED DWARF
00:00:38:04 | RED DWARF
00:00:32:22 | UNTITLED

Obviously some of these are Easter Eggs – what the rest are, we have no idea. Possibly a trailer? No idea about the Comic Relief thing either – as the Bohemian Rhapsody stuff was shot in Series VI. if anyone has any guesses, let us know…

Interestingly, we are told that “To obtain this category cuts of 0m 9s were required., some or all of these cuts were substitutions. The cuts were Cuts for Category. Distributor chose to remove all visual evidence of six instances of strong language being spoken in order to achieve a 12. An uncut 15 was available to the distributor.” Presumably stuff from Smeg Ups? The Red Dwarf Zone has complained about this, and says that the DVD would be better as a 15 without the cuts. I absolutely agree – but market economies mean that the DVD really has to be kept down as a 12 – it means they have a bigger budget to do better things, as sales will be higher. I’d rather have more and better extras and the odd cut to them.

All of this joins the Built To last documentary and Film Inserts for the IV DVD – we can expect the menus at some point too. And Can’t Smeg Won’t Smeg, which is on the DVD, has never been released before, and so has yet to be classified.

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