Robot Wars. Axed by BBC TWO due to ratings, it returns this Sunday (November 2nd) at 7:00pm (with a repeat the following Saturday at 12:50pm) on a new channel – five. It’s what the Radio Times rather stupidly calls “a new berth”. Space Corps Directive 597 clearly states “One berth per registered crew member.” And as Listy is the only registered crew member, one berth is all you get. What about entertainment? You are obliged to provide us with minimum leisure facilities. Games, literature, hobby activities, motion pictures. Well, Robot Wars will have to do. And somebody should forbid me to write news articles.

Back to the point. Shot in August 2003 at RAF Newton in Nottingham, the 7th wars (or Series VII if you prefer) still has Mr. Charles as main presenter, with Jayne Middlemiss being the new gal for all the NERDS to salivate over. Johnathan Pearce is kept on as commentator. The news story on also reveals that there will be new rules and new robots. Excellent.

Incidentally, why not turn to page 39 of next week’s issue of the Radio Times and witness the results of a messy blowjob?

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