A photograph of the Red Dwarf Corgi model. Where is it?Now, this is very strange. Cpt-D has got in touch with us to point out that the Corgi Red Dwarf and Starbug models (which we last reported on in October) have been pulled from RDSUK. They were due to be released on the 14th November; Cpt-D had them on pre-order, and they haven’t arrived. What’s worse, is that the models have also been pulled from Corgi’s site.

Interestingly, however, Collectiques list the Red Dwarf, Starbug and the twinpack as coming “January 2004”. It’s difficult to take this too seriously though, when it’s announced that the models are “From the 2003 movie”. Hmmm. What is clear is that it’s not very good for RDSUK to pull the models without warning, and not get in touch with people who have it on pre-order. It’s almost certainly just a delay of some sort, but it pays to keep your customers informed.

Cpt-D is continuing his investigations, and we’ll make our own enquiries too. We’ll bring you more news as we have it. Yes, I’m Peter cunting Sissons. Fuck off.

UPDATE (9:00pm): The models have reappeared on RDSUK. See the 5th comment from Cpt-D for details. I’m afraid I have to say it: What a guy.

UPDATE #2 (9:00am 21/11/03): Corgi have now stated in an e-mail to Cpt-D that there have been delays, and the products will now be avaliable in March 2004. And the models have disappeared again from RDSUK.

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