Movie Logo. Cheap and nasty.Subscription-only sites. They’re a bugger, aren’t they? Particuarly when they have news on that no other site has reported on. Luckily, I’m a sneaky git who can get round these things; hence, we can read this cached version of a article, which contains the interesting sentence:

“Exec producer is Ed Atkinson, who recently raised a tax fund to bankroll comedy “Red Dwarf.”

:-o, frankly. Does this mean the financial problems with the Movie’s production are solved? Possibly; possibly not. The problem with viewing all this from the outside (particuarly us; we have no idea about the UK film industry sadly) is that it’s very difficult to know how everything fits together; again, we stress, only rely on GNP for proper information on the future of the Movie. It’s still an interesting development, though.

One final interesting thing: you might want to read this article from Feburary this year, which links Ed Atkinson, Charles Armitage (the Movie’s producer), and a big fund to help finance UK productions…

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