About time for another Prop Store article, I think. Don’t forget that some of the newer items have probably been sold before we get a chance to report on them; if you’re desperate for that special item, I’d check their site every day.

Item Series/Episode Price
Kryten ‘Restore To Factory Settings’ Stamp ‘Back In The Red’ Part One £59.00
Computer Keyboard Series VIII £75.00
Secretary Kochanski Costume Only The Good… £625
Kryten Grey Case ‘Pete’ Part Two £229
Kryten Duster ‘Back In The Red’ Part Two £189
JMC ‘Engaged’ Blind Fold ‘Back In The Red’ Part Three £229
JMC Folder Not stated – anyone seen it? £75
Computer Keypad Series VIII £75
Legion Costume Legion £545
Prison Meal Tray Series VIII £25
SSS Silverberg Sign Cassandra £95

We hate to say this, but we wish The Prop Store would be a bit more accurate; some silly errors have been appearing in their descriptions. For example, the Factory Settings stamp appeared in the first part of BITR, not the second – and there have been plenty of mistakes made in the past. Not that important in the grand scheme of things, but still irritating.

Anyway; the highlight there is the Legion costume – a damn good price considering how great an episode that is. Legion has the only line in Dwarf that has ever had me rolling around the floor unable to control myself: “Not really. I need it to turn the lights on and off.” The ‘Engaged’ blindfold is also wonderful; it’s a particuarly good joke. The settings stamp is rather good too; why not buy it and go round hilariously stamping your friends?

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