Bah. Cappsy’s Squelchy Hole has finally updated again, with a nice Series V Preview, detailing some hopes for the upcoming November release – and with some frankly excellent McGinley research. And as a way to integrate the article with the the site’s Forums, from now on each White Hole article will have a link to a forum thread where you can discuss the update.

Meanwhile, guess what we were going to publish in a few days? Wah. Still, we might as well do it anyway, so watch this space.

With The White Hole up and running again, and promising more updates, and Back In The Red recently updating, all we need now is for the promised 2004 Big Blake update to appear, and The Red Dwarf Zone to get going again. We haven’t got time to report on everything; note our spectacular failure to do a report on Craig and Danny’s Casualty appearances…

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