The Starbug Corgi Model. I think it's rather good, don't you Mr. Arnold Sir?Remember our last report? Well, there is now new release dates for Red Dwarf, Starbug, and the twinpack – the projected release date has slipped from March to “April/May 2004”. The models are still missing from Corgi’s site, though; the dates have been obtained from Collectiques, which still lists them as being “From the 2003 Movie”. There’s myriad of sources (shopping sites, of all things) that still give 2003 release dates everywhere…

As for the reason for these delays (until March, anyway) – RDSUK say that Corgi said there was a manufacturing problem and they are correcting the moulds; Corgi have said that there have been problems with the packaging, and Time Tunnel Models blame generic “licensing problems”. The release date has changed so much that we can’t depend on anything any more; no doubt TOS will have an article when they’re properly avaliable.

All of that, and not a complaint about the Re-mastered ship in sight OH DAMN.

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