A single brief liason with the site’s American comments poster. Mind you, the compo was ridiculously close to the last one, and (apparently) had ridiculously difficult questions, so it’s not too suprising. Here’s the answers, anyway:

Listing each episode in turn, what was the order of episodes for the 94 repeat run?
Dimension Jump, Justice, Camille, White Hole, DNA, Meltdown. This fact is mentioned in this Time Hole article. We’d love to do a proper article detailing all the terrestrial repeat dates for Dwarf at some point, but that would be a nightmare to say the least to research, as you can’t really rely on the Radio Times….

In The Official Red Dwarf Companion, which episode is the model shot wrongly attributed to Back To Reality actually from?
Dimension Jump. As mentioned in our article about the book; it’s the shot of Starbug on the rocks.

What is “K177”?
Talkie Toaster’s Artificial Intelligence System. As shown in the start-up sequence at the start of White Hole. And I love that Crapola Inc. logo.

To what logic puzzle is Barbara Bellini and her pod a reference to?
Time for a quote from The Red Dwarf References List (TV):

Barbra Bellini in her lead-lined pod: Very probably a reference to a type of logic puzzle, in which a candidate must attempt to discern the whereabouts or not of some object placed into one of several caskets. The puzzles tell of two Renaissance Florentine casket-makers, Bellini and Cellini. Whenever one made a casket, he inscribed it with some clue to the puzzle – the catch was that while Bellini’s inscription always told the truth, and Cellini’s inscription always lied, the candidate had no way of knowing which casket had been made by which craftsman. The puzzles popularly involved choosing between a gold, a silver and a lead casket — reflecting the Cat’s “What a dilemma!” of Barbra or not in the lead(-lined) pod/casket. So, are we now crying out for an example of this puzzle? Here is the one that FroggyGrem sent to me (and which I’m relieved to say I did figure out – eventually! Whew!)…

Gold casket inscription: The dagger is in this casket.
Silver casket inscription: This casket is empty.
Lead casket inscription: At most, one of these three caskets was fashioned by Bellini.

The puzzle: Avoid choosing the dagger!

Clever guys, these Rob and Doug dudes. Oh, wait, I’m sorry, Red Dwarf is adolescent drivel. I remember now.

Which name is misspelled in the end credits in Red Dwarf IV?
Pythagorus: spelt wrongly in the end credits to Meltdown. The correct
spelling is Pythagoras.
SILLY BILLIES. The other “famous” mistakes are detailed in the Notes section of our Cast List. Which, what with TOS’s far superior effort now being online, probably needs re-writing to concentrate on the interesting stuff.

The opening credits to Red Dwarf IV contain several shots from Series III. Which clip in the opening credits is a modification of a shot from that series, and what is different about it?
Starbug crashing into the side of the cargo bay doors; the footage is flipped. The shot was originally used in Backwards, and the flipped footage is used briefly in the climax to Demons & Angels – but shows up nowhere else in IV apart from in the opening titles.

On which stage at Shepperton did Red Dwarf IV shoot?
Stage G. Revealed in this Time Hole article. From consulting various places, they used the same stage all the way up to VII (since their move to Shepperton for IV) – I can’t find confirmation that it was used for VIII, but it seems very likely.

What is blamed for the sudden deterioation in Holly’s condition in White Hole?
An ion storm. This was a bloody awful question, and I can only apologise. I was referring to the deterioation in Holly’s condition that means she can only count by banging her head on the screen, which is worse than any other episode. This is needed to emphasise the main thrust of the story; but I always thought that the model shot with the voiceover saying “That ion storm’s really done her head in man” just seemed a bit of an awkward and poor way of doing it. Unfortunately our entree (ENTREE!) took it a couple of different ways, to do with either why her life span is reduced, or why she goes back to normal at the end of the episode. This is because the question is just FUCKINGLY AWFULLY PHRASED. Bah.

The first part of D.N.A. was shot without the studio audience present. Why?
Robert Llewellyn needed to be without his mask for the main studio recording. This is detailed in The Man In The Rubber Mask; whether the bits at the start of D.N.A. that don’t involve Robert were done in front of the audience is UNCLEAR. Anyway; the start of D.N.A., the whole of Body Swap, and huge chunks of other episodes (including half of Gunmen) pretty much prove that the problems with VII weren’t mainly to do with the studio audience not being there…

The dome on Io as seen at the start of Dimension Jump was used in which other episode of Red Dwarf?
The Inquisitor. The script for Inquisitor says that “WE COULD USE THE ‘IO’ SPACE BASE SHOT FROM ‘DIMENSION JUMP” – but from the sky, and placing of the base (it’s on a rock in the latter ep, and not the former), we’d suggest that it was newly-shot footage using the same model, rather than an unused shot from the same shoot. No doubt we’ll find out for sure when the IV DVD is released.

And which lucky individual won the prize? Well, we’ll give the name in true diploma style (possibly):

Austin Ross

Rather than an IV DVD, he’s asked for (and will recieve) either copies of Last Human and Incompetence, or a couple of Brittas DVDs, as those products aren’t avaliable in the USA except from overseas. Silly buggers.

Next compo will be… oh, probably around the V release date. We’ll be sure to make the questions something along the lines of “WHO IS KRHYTEN” or something.

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