Angelia Jolie consults the script. 'I have to take all my clothes off and rub my soaking wet pussy?' 'Yes, ma'am. I know it's in biro, but it's definitely true. Now, shall we do a rehearsal?'No big news here, but the kind of random snippets I specialise in. In Dwarf movie stuff, Thomas Evans got in touch (bloody ages ago) to point us towards the latest problems to hit UK film production. Whether it has any impact at all on the Dwarf Movie is unknown, at least to us. Whilst it’s planned to be shot in Australia, it is still a British film; let’s hope this hasn’t caused any more problems for the troubled production.

In an even more worrying development, David Bondar, Helpdesk Tools Specialist, has got in touch to tell us that Tomb Raider 3 is a possibility; something that Chris Barrie is interested in, unsurprisingly. Whilst I don’t greet the news with much excitement (the games are ace, though), I do have one question: do you see Angelina’s tits in either of the first two? If you do, I may reconsider my opinion. But campaign for a vag shot.

Oh, and Fat Slags stuff (written on 12th January):

“Just received word that a test screening of The Fat Slags has taken place last week. The comments I have received are very negative, such as Geri Halliwell not being able to act. The humour is very childish, with very few laugh out loud jokes. That’s all to be expected but a fair portion of the people attending walked out of the preview halfway through. Not a good sign, but I will temper that with the fact that the people who attended the screening were all over 25. I really hope this isn’t the audience they are pitching the movie at, surely they will be pitching this at the teenage audience, who will appreciate the puerile, downright sick sense of humour of The Fat Slags?”

Well, it sounds great to me, anyway. I’m fed up of words like “sick” and “puerile” being used as terms to “slag” (!) off comedy…

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