We’ve mentioned this a few times before, but Back In The Red have beaten us to it with the details. BASTARD. So, just remember: Chris Barrie’s Massive Engines, a 10-part series starting 5th April at 8:30pm on Discovery. See, I could be a trailer announcer if I wanted.

Incidentally, what could be seen as a companion piece to Massive Engines is also on the 5th on Discovery at 20:00; Mark Williams On The Rails. “Mark Williams On The Rails continues with more episodes celebrating two hundred years of trains. The series allows Mark to indulge his passion as a train enthusiast and get close to some huge locomotives.” The episode on before Massive Engines is described thusly:

“…Mark rides the American railroad to explore how the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad between 1862 and 1869 linked the East and West Coasts. He goes on to investigate how the introduction of railways impacted on society, how death on the tracks was tragically common and how curious engines used to transport slate down the railways through the Rocky Mountains.

Excellent. Also, note how skilfully I’ve avoided the fact that the series has already started, and G&T missed reporting on it. See a complete list of upcoming episodes here. G&T is rapidly losing journalistic integrity, clearly.

Meanwhile, guess which process of Googling lead to me discovering the following: The Ultimate Red Dwarf Quest towards Self-Discovery. I shall post my result below (IT MADE ME WANT TO CRY); I’ve just this minute enabled HTML in comments, so you can all post yours too. Hooray!

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