A BBC Scotland balloon ident. Awwww.G&T: first with the news. Even when there isn’t any. Being the excellent investigative site we are, we decided to get in contact with Toby Stevens, producer of Comedy Connections, to see what we could glean about their upcoming show about Dwarf.

To be honest, what I got was exactly what I expected; but that doesn’t mean it’s not exciting by a bloody long stretch. Whilst it’s still a bit to early to say exactly what will be in the show, they’re currently trying to get interviews with the writers, producers, directors and cast members. But even more excitingly, they’re currently searching trawling the archive for early Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Rob Grant and Doug Naylor – and says that as they’re aware how big a fan following it has, they hope to dig up some new stuff that even we won’t know. Hooray! Many thanks to Toby for the info. Although he carefully ignored by generous offer to be an irrelevant talking head. Ah well. *puts away packet of Spangles*, or something.

Incidentally, in my previous report, I mentioned that I wasn’t that enamoured by the actual connections theme of the show; oddly enough, now I think about it a bit more, and it’s for a show I love, I’m beginning to see the point of it a lot more. A nice way of explaining the circumstances leading up to the show, the history of the cast and crew, and more importantly, a very nice way to incorporate rare archive footage. So: good, basically.

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