Good Old The Alien Online. Thanks to them, we’ve found out another Rob Grant date. Held at the Oxford Street Borders (in Nodnol, obviously) on March 8th (this coming Monday) at 18.30, it’s basically Richard Morgan and Rob Grant “doing an evening talk and reading”. Richard Morgan being a SF author I have never heard of, so I’m obviously well qualified to do this news item. I’d go, but I’m working. Why can’t I get paid to do G&T, anyway? This government needs to spend a bit less time on Iraq, and and bit more time on Dwarf.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering why G&T hasn’t been updated recently, it’s a combination of me being busy, and Ian being stupid. Normal service will be resumed very shortly. In the mean time, TOS has been updated; either me or Ian’ll be around to do the Newsround IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS. Wet your pants with excitement… NOW.

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