A deleted scene from 'Pete' Part Two. Shades of 'Timeslides', 'Gunmen', and 'Tikka To Ride Xtended'.PROPS:

Model Miniature Section Of The SSS Esperanto #2 | Back To Reality | £295
Section one hasn’t sold yet. Why not buy all sections of it, put it together, and then crawl on all fours around the model going “phsswwwwwwwwwbubblebubblebubble”?

Fire Axe Case | Quarantine | £195
“I have a medium-sized fire axe buried in my spinal column. That sort of thing can really put a crimp on your day.” Isn’t Quarantine great? Incidentally, I can’t remember whether the axe itself has actually come up for auction or not yet, and I can’t be arsed checking; thereby confirming G&T’s reputation for editiorial excellence. We obviously need Michael Grade. WHO WOULD CANCEL US OR SOMETHING BECAUSE HE DOESN’T LIKE SCIENCE FICTION HA HA HA.

Lister Prisoner Costume | Cassandra (deleted scene) | £795
It’s burnt. Taken from a deleted scene (see this production polariod) – a deleted scene that does not, I hasten to add, turn up in the Red Dwarf VIII scriptbook. Damn fools. (The book however, does feature the following amusing exchange cut from the Holly/Lister scene at the start: “It’s a classic Catch-44 situation. / Catch 22. / No, it’s twice as bad as that.”)

Baby Dinosaur Feet & Tail | ‘Pete’ Part Two | £395
Fancy owning something from the worst special effect in the worst episode of Red Dwarf ever? Then this is for you.

Pair Of Kryten’s Eyes | ‘Pete’ Part Two (deleted scene) | £395
Gah. A throwaway shot that I bet was funnier than much of what was left in the episode – CUT. (Actually, whilst poor in comparison to most eps, I do think there are some great bits in the episode; and it’s more watchable than half of VII. But it’s funnier to just slag it off. Erm, it’s crap. I hate it. Rubbish. It smells.)


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