I’ve seen Westerns. I know how to speak ‘cowboy’. Retrospective featurette on the Gunmen location, please. And you two chaps? This, quite simply, is going to be fantastic. Robert Llewellyn takes us on a tour of Laredo, interviewing its inhabitants and reminiscing about filming there eleven years ago. How can this not be good? There are so many stories attached to Gunmen, which is one of the reasons that Joe Nazzaro’s Making Of book is so superb. And, given that it’s Robert Llewellyn, you just know that he’ll approach the subject with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm and humour to make it perfect.

From what we can tell so far, the Series V and VI DVDs will be the best DVDs ever released, ever. A contemporary special effects video, with a retrospective commentary, Return To Laredo, Settling The Score… plus all your usual deleted scenes, raw effects footage, commentary and fucking massive documentaries. On top of this, there’s the added bonus of twelve fantastic pieces of television; V and VI are the very peak of Red Dwarf‘s genius, for me. In fact, I’ve just remembered how much I love Gunmen; it’s suffered a bit of a backlash of late, with people sick of it being hailed as the best episode evur. Fair enough, but it doesn’t stop it from being fantastic any more than it stops The Germans or Bambi kicking arse.

But I digress. There is other news, regarding the new Brittas DVD. If you want the version with extra swearing, it’s here. Quite an intriguing paragraph is hidden away at the bottom of that TOS page, though, regarding the DVD box set, of which “fans may have noticed rumours”. Given that there is “no definite news” a mere four months before the release, it’s fairly safe to say that this will be a case of slipping the existing DVDs into a bit of cardboard; if anything new was being authored, it would have been nearly ready by now.

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