Screengrab of Red Dwarf USA pilot. 'My baseball cards must be worth a fortune' indeed.After Austin’s excellent review of The Best TV Shows That Never Were, here’s a download of the Dwarf section of the show:

So, having finally watched it… oh, let’s face it, you can tell what I think without even reading this bit. An awful, sneery piece. I wouldn’t mind so much if the narration was actually funny. Either way, Cloister forbid they should actually try to do a show with a bit of depth about the subject, or try and put it into any form of context whatsoever. Fucking tossers.

On a nicer note, it’s lovely to see clips from the first US pilot in nice quality; and it confirmed to me that it really isn’t as bad as everyone says. Bierko and Leeves are really quite good, and I do enjoy the WANKING line. The show deserves a full, proper review, along with the second pilot – watch out for it.

With many thanks to Richard Goodwin for the video file and grabs. Lovely man. I want to kiss his botty.

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