A roundup for the rest of the news, I think.

  • The TOS update this week consisted of news about the release of BTL48, and an excellent Down Time article about Red Dwarf Survivor. Completely. Fucking. Mad.
  • The Brittas Series 6 DVD release date has fallen from the 24th January to the 21st February, according to Play. No news of extras as yet.
  • Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers is being republished on 27th January 2005. I have no idea why I find this as pleasing as I do. I’m sorely tempted to buy another copy just so I have one with a 2005 date…

And finally, I thought I’d conclude with a review of this site from TOS Webboard’s Bluebell:

“Take a look at some of Ganymede and Titan’s recent reports for examples of dumbing down.

Your writing style is terrible. Andrew Ellard was probably just being polite when he told you that you’re a really good writer. Ganymede and Titan is just a series of immature articles that appear to have been written by a couple of school kids (probably a reflection of the truth) who believe that their banal essays suddenly become interesting if filled with swearing, brainless, tabloid newspaper-type prose, and just plain silliness (Blah wibble bang; Wahey!; Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to the second disc we go; COME ON MR. POSTMAN, I’M B*****D WAITING; and so on).”


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