Many apologies for the delay. I’ve mostly being seeing these at this. Only one update at TOS this week… but, boy, what an update! It’s the confirmed content of the Series VI DVDs!

The most jizz-worthy things are, of course, the pictures. Return To Laredo looks simply amazing. Even from the still frames, it looks like Robert Llewellyn will make an excellent presenter. And the making-of footage looks fantastic as well. Danny John-Jules having a chat with Rob Grant on-set! Craig Charles lying on a crash mat! It’s all there. The 8mm model footage looks intriguing too. And I love the lighting in Howard Goodall’s studio. The blurb clears up what the mysterious De Emmoney interview is too – it’s a contemporary one! I’m very amused by them advertising “a link to the official website”… on the official website.

One more bit of news to bring you, from *spit* the NME, which has long since disappeared up its own PR. Upcoming band The Kaiser Chiefs are releasing a single in February and, according to this article:

The band are currently deciding whether or not it

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