The Groovetown logo. Black and white, to give it a melancholy feel. Clever, see.It’s gone! It’s been half-inched! Along with Crapola, Inc.

Only yesterday I was mourning the passing of the Clearing House – now two more Dwarf sites have bitten the dust. Admittedly, they weren’t updated much – Rick Mason said that there wasn’t much point competing with Dwarf news when we’re sad enough to put all the time in – but it’s still a shame.

It’s also a shame that what had become an archive of great stuff couldn’t live on on the site for all time, instead of just disappearing. (For instance, it’s broken a link to Groovetown’s RDW flame news story that I did only yesterday.) Of course, the Wayback Machine archive is there, but it doesn’t seem to have done a great job of archiving the site – no CSS, and most of the links are broken.

Either way – rest assured, G&T will never close down – at least, not whilst either me or Ian are alive. Although I can’t guarantee there will be much new about Red Dwarf in 50 years – who knows what we’ll evolve into?

Ta to Blake for the heads-up.

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