Ain’t It Cool News says of MirrorMask: “There are a few notable cameos, among them are Stephen Fry as the librarian and Robert Llewellyn as the sphinx.”

It doesn’t say much about Robert’s performance (that’s it), but basically the situation is this: Neil Gaiman has asked people to help spread the word about this film so that it can get a wider release. So, if you want to see a film from the minds of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean get a worldwide release (accompanied by the voice talents of Stephen Fry and Robert Llewellyn), go tell all your friends that it’s going to be great.

2 comments on “The one starring Myra Dinglebat and Peter Beardsley was definitive!

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  • Me = Absolutely Massive Gaiman Fan. Can’t wait for this film. I think Empire magazine a couple of months ago actually had a picture of Robert’s character (his head is superimposed onto a large sphinx)…

  • Actually, Garbage World posted that picture a few months ago. I don’t know if it was before Empire had it or not.

    But if it was before, then I clearly rule.

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