The Brittas Series 7 DVD cover. NASTY FONTS ARGHJust a quick reminder that The Brittas Empire Series 7 is released on Monday. Those of you who order through Play may already have it. The sadly Fegen/Noriss-less series includes the eps The Elephant’s Child, Reviewing The Situation, http://etc, Wake Up The Lion Within, The Disappearing Act, Gavin Featherly RIP, Exposed, Curse of the Tiger Women, and the Christmas special Surviving Christmas. No special features, sadly. For more details, see our episode guide.

For those of you who have the DVD already – so, is Curse of the Tiger Women a fittingly bizarre end to the series, or the biggest copout ever seen in anything ever?

In a week or so we’ll have a huge update of our Brittas section, including reviews of the last four DVDs. And now all of the series has been released, perhaps a few analysis articles should be on the cards – if anyone wants to contribute, you know what to do.

7 comments on “Brittas 7 Released on Monday

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  • Much as I loved Brittas, I hated the ending – absolutely awful.
    In fact, the only ending worse that I can think of is that of series VIII of Red Dwarf. :/

  • This was really an extraneous series from what I remember. Bet Chris didn’t think so though, considering he was getting paid. There’s probably more chance of a Brittas movie than a Dwarf one.

  • I was told series 6 was shit but I didn’t actually think it was that bad at all. Though not started this series yet

  • It’s weird they’ve had exactly the same colour scheme for these DVDs as for the Red Dwarf ones, don’t you think?

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