We are gathered here today to celebrate the anniversary of Mr Andrew Ellard’s Birth.

And on this veeeeery special occasion, I have baked a cake.

Well, at least I tried...

What’s that then?

It’s in the shape of a DVD, because he’s a producer.

Oh, that’s very apt that is. If he’d have been a postman you’d have baked it in the shape of an envelope, I suppose?


Gordon Bennett, lucky he’s not a gynacologist.

To Ellard!

Happy Birthday from all of us here at Observation Dome.

Oh, and I didn’t actually bake the cake, as my cooking skills are, erm, poor. Ian will fill you in on the details. I also couldn’t find any Writing Icing in the whole of Manchester, so I had to improvise. That actually was the Red Dwarf logo in the centre, but it… fell off…
But I tried my best!

Anyhow. Happy Birthday. As no-one else here is near me, it looks like I’ll have to eat it myself… I could send you a bit through the post, Andrew… :)

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