BBFCness first, then: Back From The Dead, and various other gits. I did write a long piece about the two entries, but frankly it was too boring even for this site. After all, you can all fucking read. So you can make up your own apostrophe and VI jokes and marvel at 43 minutes 23 seconds of deleted scenes in your own time.

More interesting are a few snippets Andrew let slip on the Webboard, which is nice, Andrew, really nice. It’s really great. In fact, it’s better than nice, it’s fantastic. Isn’t it great? It’s really great. Really, really great. And I think that little plug allows me to blatantly cut and paste huge chunks of it. So, on the subject of the size of the case of the 3-disc VII/VIII DVDs:

“We had to fight for this one – marketing and sales wanted
the larger size (I think it implies ‘more value’) – and Doug,
gulp, turned the final decision over to me.

I picked the regular size. Naturally. Because I don’t want to
be lynched.

The three discs will sit on a central spindle, all on the
right side of the case interior, minutely separated so they
don’t actually sit directly on one-another – the Bugs 4-
series box set did the same thing with each series.”

Excellent. But for those of you who are currently wondering why you bother to read this site, here’s an interesting question asked by Daryl Millar:

“Considering that the Series VII DVD includes a section from “How Do They Do That?”, might there be a possibility that the Series VIII DVD will include the section from “Whatever You Want” hosted by Gabby Roslin (I think) where a Red Dwarf fan won the chance to work on the Red Dwarf movie?”

Now, I’d never even HEARD about this! No doubt all you lot will be ready to jump in and call me a fool. But it’s always odd when you think you know about a show and then someone else leaps in with something you’ve never heard of. Anyway, Andrew’s reply is enlightening:

“WYW was shot in 2000, and the prize was, I think, a week
working on the film, plus an actual Starbug. We will, of
course, I’m sure, be honouring the prize as and when the
movie happens.”

That’s as and when, folks. As and when. This is still more than relevant.

“We’ve had the footage out of the archive – worrying, it
keeps cutting to the audience, which shows Helen and I
sat there like the Grant Naylor Comedy Police! – but not
been able to include in on any DVD because of cost.”

Bah. Running a Dwarf site is giving me an all too depressing idea of how expensive DVDs are to put together. Perhaps this kind of stuff could be shown ILLEGALLY at DJ? Ah well, read more about WYW here, anyway.

“If we were to afford clips from other shows of that kind of duration, our priority would be things like Rob and Doug
on BiteBack in 1992 discussing TV and SF. But WYW
remains on the list, too. It’s just soooooo costly.”




If anyone has a copy…

Finally, in a bit of non-DVD news, he also confirms that production on the new Dwarf mag is now well underway:

“I can’t really talk about the mag yet, but the writers they have are doing a wonderful, and witty, job. It’s a quality beast which manages to walk a fine line between catering for fans and newcomers.”

Hooray! I cannot fucking wait. And for those of you still despairing about the Movie, it’s just nice to hear stuff like the following:

“There’s no denying that the franchise has been
reinvigorated by the DVD success. Never has Red Dwarf
been so critically and financially strong – which is
encouraging to licensees who want to have a shot at a
Dwarf product… There are other pipeliney things – two or three of which have me very excited – but I can’t speak about them yet.

I’m beginning to worry I’m some kind of internet stalker. Hmmm. Ah well, I can give him a big hug at DJ. That’ll reassure him. A nice TIGHT one.

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  • I applied to go on WYW, but I was TOO YOUNG. A guy called Rob Burriss won it, I used to be in a Yahoo group with him. He ran a fan fic site called The Pickle Jar. Ah, memories.

  • “There are other pipeliney things – two or three of which have me very excited – but I can’t speak about them yet.”

    This is interesting. This maybe suggests that the projects that GNP were moving onto after the DVDs (which Ellard mentioned previously, I think) are Dwarf-related. Or am I just being too optimistic?

    And, oh yeah, HA HA HA they put series VI smegups!!! HA HA, the tools! And they put an apostrophe on the word ‘introductions’!! God, what incompetent arseholes!!!…………….

  • Ah, yes. The Pickle Jar – memories of summer ’01 studying for Red Dwarf knowledge…I mean A levels in the computer room. Ahem.

  • I’m worried about the magazine though – on is describes it as an 18 part work – in other words I’m guessing each issue will come with a DVD much like the only fools & horses/dads army partworks until you’ve got the complete set and thus ripping of us fans who long to read a lovely glossy mag on our fave TV show but already own the DVD collection…

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