Ellie Crissel. Some spunk joke here, I imagine.I’ve just tried to link to http://www.tos.co.uk/. FFS.

TOS stuff, then. The first piece is about various Dwarf showings around the world. All very well, but whilst the world showings are welcome, UK showings bore me rigid. (Insert crap joke here.) Dwarf has wonderful, wonderful DVD releases, and has been repeated to buggery. Can’t TV companies find something that isn’t readily available, and show that instead?

Oh. Viewing figures. Right.

Still, never mind – the planned Dwarf weekend on UKTV G2 in November including “more than you’d expect” sounds interesting…

The other piece continues Dwarf fandom’s obsession with bad Czech puns. As for the release: nice menus, shame about the Re-masteredness or lack of extras. Hopefully they’ll get a version more akin to the standard R2s at some point. Oh, and their official site is great, just for the ep titles as much as anything else. Finally, all the idiots who write “Kryton” have an excuse…

Oh, and it’s lovely that the site links to a fansite. She makes me wanna doing something. But I don’t know what it is. I just hope she’s legal, or I’m in rather a large amount of trouble.

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