Everybody’s been writing essays lately (and pretty great ones, on the whole) so I figured I’d kick start my caboose and get down to writing that In Defense of Series VIII article I’ve been promising for so long.

Then I remembered my idea for this, and did this instead. An exploration of The Friendship Dynamic in Shaun of the Dead.

Not exactly Dwarf (though I do hope you all appreciate my reference in one of the section titles) but I still thought this might interest more than a few people here.

Enjoy. Leave feedback here or on my site…whatever’s your poison.

5 comments on “The Friendship Dynamic in Shaun of the Dead

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  • SotD is a great film. I remember nearly falling out of my seat with that ‘cunts’ line. It’s just things like that which make it so good. Also, that really long shot when Shaun goes to the shop is unreal, totally balls-out cinema.

    To link this with Dwarf(…), I think that Dave Lister and Arnold J. Rimmer have an interesting friendship dynamic. Despite the amount of bickering they do and the number of times they insult each other, in the end they genuinely are friends, not that they’d admit it (‘I’ve come to regard you as…people I met’). Much of the Rimmer/Lister stuff is thrown out after series III in favour of more plot/comedy driven episodes rather than character, although it does crop up occasionally.

  • >I think that Dave Lister and Arnold J. Rimmer have an interesting friendship dynamic.

    Honestly, I considered doing a similar essay about Dwarf, instead, but it would require a lot of work I haven’t even begun. However, I agree it would be a fantastic topic to explore if somebody could really plumb the depths and do something with it, rather than just, “Well, ya know, they were both smegheads, folks!”

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