Christ, I’m still knackered from the weekend. We must do that again some time. In the meantime, there’s a very nice man who’s got a message for you:

Hello to the brilliant organisers and all you wonderful fans at DJ XIII. I’d like to take this opportunity to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU for once again making us so welcome and for looking after us so well.

I hope you enjoyed the slides and Super 8 film, it was quite strange for us to see ourselves from so many years ago with much more hair and far less wrinkles! I apologise for the lack of loud Hawaiian shirts, I’m not sure how we over looked that one but, if we’re invited to the next DJ, I promise we’ll turn up with the most flamboyant clothing we can muster!

Many thanks to the DJ team for ensuring we were well fed and watered, perhaps a little too well watered in my case! My only regret is that I couldn’t get to chat with every single one of you!

A HUGE thank you to the fans for being so enthusiastic, welcoming, warm and friendly. You’re the best! You really make us want to do it again. (DJ that is). We’re already thinking of how to entertain you next year, be afraid, be very afraid…

Once again, many, many thanks and best wishes to you all.

Peter Tyler.

Frankly, I’m amazed he has the capacity to string a sentence together after the state he was in this weekend…

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  • Hey Guys, sorry about the random posting in here, but I thought I’d say Hello!!!! and I’m currently writing a report for DJ, and also creating some idents for the DwarfCasts (if you want them).

    Peter Tyler is an awesome guy by the way.

    (Those DwarfCasts will be interesting, I cant’ remember what I said on them!!!)

  • Thanks :) thought I should come and say hello after our bonding session (easy!) on Saturday night/Sunday morning :)

    Hello all :D

  • oops seem to having a few issues with the website, it keeps scanning down to the bottom of the page when I start to type (is the main one) strange! :oS

  • That’s rather odd. I sometimes get that when Windows plays silly buggers with me and messes up my keyboard keys so everything does strange things. Maybe a restart will sort it out?

  • >Welcome to G&T, Jo!

    Cappsy is such an excellent one-man welcoming committee. I wish I had someone like him to greet me with such enthusiasm when I came from work. Or cleaned the bathroom.

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