But after you’ve done that, ya dag, get ready to cry at my patheticness once again. Two more Eureka-related titles have Region 4 releases, so as usual, let’s do my little cover comparisons. Because I’m a WANKER.

First up is Massive Engines, which was released last August, and which we singularly failed to report on. Sigh. Weirdly enough, that’s actually the month before it was released in Region 2! So, the Region 4 cover is on the left, and the Region 2 on the right:

Massive Engines DVD cover - Region 4 Massive Engines - Region 2

Unlike the previous set of Brittas covers, where I much prefer the R4 release, it’s slightly harder here – mainly because I like the picture of Chris on the R2 cover. But overall, I probably prefer the Region 4 – I’m not keen on the title lettering for the R2 cover, and it’s still an impressive picture for the R4 cover. And I like the Discovery Channel branding at the top. The whole cover looks classier, in general.

Onto Brittas itself, then, with Series 6 – and in a first, we haven’t actually missed the R4 release date, which is on 7th March:

Brittas Series 6 DVD cover - Region 4 Brittas Series 6 DVD Cover - Region 2

There’s no doubt here – I much prefer the R4 cover. The R2 cover is one of the better UK Brittas covers, to be fair – but you’ve still got two equally-unpleasant fonts, and the title clashes with the picture. The R4 cover is just a lot better laid out. And I think I prefer the picture too – it works a lot better for a cover, at least.

We’ll bring you news of the release of the final seres of Brittas in Region 4 when we have it. Sadly enough, though, only the first series of Maid Marian has been made it to Region 4 – and that released was in June last year. Perhaps sales weren’t enough to justify future releases, which is a shame. IMPORT IT, though, because it’s great.

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  • I think the region 4 ‘massive’ cover is far superior even without the nice yellow box..
    The Car just doesn’t say ‘massive’ to me at all, even if in car terms the engine is big…
    The R4 cover looks so much more professional imo…

    Cant say I’ve been impressed with any of the Brittas covers, they seem to be plagued with poor design from all sides…

  • That’s a very good point, actually. I hadn’t thought of that. I do really like the picture for the R2 Massive Engines, but the R4 piccy is far more appropriate.

  • Every time I see a Brittas cover I feel like saying words like ‘Heluuuun, Carollllle, Coliiin, Lauuuuura’.

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