Details here.

Date: Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th April
Times: Doors Open: 7pm; Show Starts: 8pm (both nights)
Ticket Prices: £10 (£8 concessions nurses, students, OAPs with ID)
Venue: The Funny Side…of Covent Garden, Downstairs at The Corner Store, 33-35 Wellington Street, London, WC2E 7BN
Nearest Tube: Covent Garden (Piccadilly Line)
Bookings: 0870 4460616 or

Or if you’re not interested in that, may I recommend: Eric Gill got it wrong; a re-evaluation of Gill Sans.

10 comments on “Lovett DVD Recording Tickets

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  • know this is the wrong place for this, but talking of tickets, is there someone here who likes the IT crowd, thought i read that somewhere, but they are making a new series and you can start applying for tickets;

  • Ta ellie – I’d heard about it, but thanks anyway.

    I have tickets for the first two recordings! I can’t WAIT.

  • I went to his show at the Tron in Glasgow last Wednesday. It was very funny. 4/5.

    Though I do worry if he plans to do it for the DVD. It was a little bit cheap. No laptops or powerpoint presentations here, it was him and his slides of hedges and pets and inane things. He didn’t actually face the audience much at all – he was looking off-stage and after about ten minutes he gave up trying to look at my half of the theatre because he said his neck was sore. And when his slide was projected onto the screen in front the picture wasn’t really that big – if the place had been full I don’t think people at the back would have been able to see it. Just a few problems I think he needs to solve, I think he definetly has to stand up in future performances.

  • > Grr. I?ve applied THREE times and they haven?t replied.

    Have one of my tickets, sweetie.

  • Hey, why isn’t this on Norm’s own site? The latest on his news page is his controversial stand on the Red Dwarf film. But you’d think this would be important enough to go on his website…

    On the other hand, he didn’t post much about Beat the Geek on his site either, as far as I can tell, so maybe this isn’t so surprising.

    (And if you must know, I was checking out his website for review purposes. It’s posted on the Holoship and everything.)

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