READ Craig’s heart-rending story.

WATCH as he tells all on-camera, which is the only reason you can actually trust this story.

GET SLIGHTLY DEPRESSED as you realise that you really found out all you needed to know about the whole sorry affair with Craig’s appearance at Dimension Jump, which also managed to be spiritually uplifting at the same time.

GO and have a wank to cheer yourself up.

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  • It’s a good interview, once you get past the NOTW beginning ‘[b]WENT[/b] for days on end without having a wash or combing his hair!?!!!??!?!!!’ not to mention the unneeded ‘[b]SUICIDAL[/b]‘ headline. Most people will only read the bold parts and not the full story.

  • Well. That’s my fill of cheap sensationalist journalism for the night. Much as I wish Craig Charles well, I definitely didn’t need to read any of that.

    > GO and have a wank to cheer yourself up.

    If you can do that after reading this, well…I guess I salute your determination. You’d think the content of this article would get in the way of setting the mood.

  • Wow….it takes balls to talk that openly about something like that.
    At least he’s clean now.

  • >Wow?.it takes balls to talk that openly about something like that.

    I get the impression (from some things I’ve heard about him, like the story from the filming of “Gunmen of the Apocolypse”) that Craig doesn’t have very many natural inhibitions; but yes, it does take considerable courage to be so candid. The “Lurid Scandal 101” presentation, however, is a bit frustrating.

  • God, that’s unpleasant to read. I’ve not brought myself round to watching the interview, yet.

    Smart move by him, though. I mean, he redeemed himself to his fans months ago, but this is moment to rationalise everything (if it’s possbile to rationalise through The News of the World’s reporting style) that he did to himself.

    I’m so, so pleased he got through all that. I’m also pleased we didn’t go overboard on the crack jokes at the time, too…

  • Selected quotes from this story were reprinted in the Mirror on Monday… but with a headline along the lines of “CORRIE CRAIG: THE MIRROR’S CRACK EXCLUSIVE SAVED MY LIFE”.

  • As much as I can’t stand the rubbish interview style, I’m glad that Craig got through this.

  • Fuck, reading that was more uncomfortable than I imagined it would be. I suppose I had assumed that there was a fair bit of hyperbole in the stories. So much for that.

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