Ta to Jonsmad, who let us know that Saturday Live – Best of Series One is due out on the 16th April, with Play listing it for £14.99. More details are on Zeta Minor. Obviously, the news for this site is that Craig appears in three of the shows, and – best of all – Chris Barrie hosts one of them. But I guess I don’t need to tell you how important this show was to comedy as a whole – and it’s a show I’ve always wanted to see. (See Lewisohn.) Why didn’t my parents force me to watch it when I was five?

Unfortunately, the fact that it’s a Best Of is annoying. The music was always going to suffer – that’s unavoidable (although wouldn’t it be lovely to have full, uncut repeats on telly at some point?) But the first series was 10 episodes of 90 minutes each (11 episodes if you include the pilot) – even if you take into account adverts and music acts, there’s a lot missing if it’s just a four hour release. Quite apart from what’s missing in each programme, it’s only cut-down versions of six episodes, not all ten. Surely if the release is two discs, they should have included at least six hours of material?

I know releasing stuff like this is a nightmare, and I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful DVD – but it’s a shame that such an important programme isn’t getting a fuller treatment.

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  • In other DVD stuff – I’d forgotten Girls On Top was out! Ed Bye directed the second series.

    I’ve not watched it in ages – but from what I remember, it was a very likable series, but a bit short on jokes.

  • Nice points, I didnt realise how much of series one will be missing from this release. I guess we can hope for a part 2, but I doubt that. The dangerous
    brothers got a full video release, but I guess just 6 sketches will
    appear here on this dvd, and not the first 6 either, 6 random sketches

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