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Yet another ancient commentary!

DwarfCasts from Ganymede & Titan

Continuing our clearing of the decks and releasing our old ‘Casts, we present you with our commentary for the 11th best episode of Dwarf ever, Quarantine. This appears to be from the same evening as the Legion commentary as Tanya hasn’t gone to bed yet and Seb is still off gallivanting. So; myself, Tanya, John and Ian are your hosts for this surprisingly coherent edition of DwarfCasts.

DwarfCast 12 – Quarantine Commentary (6.61MB)

Not many left in the bank now, in fact I have a suspicion that there’s only one that’s publishable, which is a commentary for Balance of Power from myself and Seb, so expect that in the next week or two. After that, though, the last two we have are really venturing into the realms of terribly bad taste brought on by quite indecent amounts of cider. We’ll see, anyway.

I suppose we better get our acts together and record more, eh? In fact, if any of you have anything Dwarf related you particularly want to commit to audio, be it a commentary or just a general rant about something, then chuck it in an email to me (cappsy [at] gmail [fullstop] cee oh em) and I’ll see if I can get enough to compile a DwarfCast or something out of them. We’ve obviously got a very creative bunch of readers here, so it’d be good to hear what you come up with.


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  • I’ve been thinking of recording some Fan Commentaries to Red Dwarf, but the problem with living in Los Angeles is hardly anyone else has seen it besides my Dad, and we sound far too similar to make a podcast work without confusing anyone. I suppose I could record it myself, but then that’d be a) stupid, and b) a half-hour recording of me sitting in silence and occasionally laughing.

    The alternative? Well if anyone else has Skype we could record a commentary over the Intertubes, as I have a lovely little program that allows me to record Skype calls. Then all we have to do is make sure we’re pressing Play at the same time. Or something.

  • That’s a fantastic idea, Ben. Me and Danny tried to record something over Skype a while ago and failed hugely and I’ve never thought to try anything again.

  • Me and Danny tried to record something over Skype a while ago and failed hugely

    The sort of things you and Danny get up to on Skype should never be recorded…

  • I’d debate that “Why do never meet anyone who can shoot straight?” breaks the fourth wall. It doesn’t really take you out of the reality of the show.

  • A friend of mine worked with Maggie Steed and he said she’s a nightmare prima donna and everybody hates her.

    But then she also told me the only thing I know about Schopenhauer, so she can’t be all bad.

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