While I try to remember how many times we’ve used a variation of (or EXACTLY THAT) title for a news item, let’s have a bit of an old catch up.

The quiet before the storm? It’s always darkest just before the dawn? No matter how many clich├ęs you can think of, things do continue to be slow going in the world of Dwarf, but let’s not neglect the things that *are* happening, eh?

  • Don’t think we didn’t spot your hidden blowjob/cunnilingus reference, Ellard: While there’s still no word on the possible CD releases of the Red Dwarf Radio Show we have got confirmation that they’ll be released in segments on the Mobile service. The more cynical of you will be thinking this is the first time something of worth has actually been released on the service, and the even more cynical of you will be thinking it’s a complete waste of time and money to even bother considering. Regardless, according to TOS they should be released any minute now. Any minute… NOW!
  • Do you only have 17 DVDs? Well, get two more: I’ve not seen When Evil Calls, but the good news for those of you who want to watch it on a screen bigger than a tiny hand is that it’s coming out on DVD! There’s a discussion of this over on our forums and apparently it’s done hugely well with its mobile release (hence the DVD version, I guess) so it certainly seems like it’s worth a look. I for one have always wanted to see lesbians and Chris Barrie in the same production. The even better DVD news is that Network are continuing their Spitting Image DVD releases with series 2! How logically wonderful of them. As Andrew says on TOS, Rob and Doug really did have a huge impact on the show during their time, which did include this series. You’d never guess as much if you ever watched a documentary about the show, mind.
  • Swindon, there: I once went to Swindon. I spent all my time in an industrial estate being taught XSLT. It was a good course and Swindon looked like quite nice town when I got chance to see it on my way out. Swindon. Anyway, it’s not quite a full cast reunion, but Hattie and Norm will be attending the Comedy Festival this year (presumably with their current joint show) which is taking place between June 28th and July 5th. This information was brought to you by Google News: News For Lazy Fucks.

Remember, we do still have 6 months of the anniversary year left. There’s still plenty of time for something BIG to pop up. Until then we’ll be quite literally throwing some rancid shit at you in the next couple of days, so you have that to look forward to at least.

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  • What came first, Spitting Image or Rubbery Figures? They were both made at around the same time and were pretty similar shows.

  • >Remember, we do still have 6 months of the anniversary year left

    The seventieth anniversary of Staff Colonel Count von Stauffenberg’s attempt to put a bomb in Hitler?s briefcase, and it’s subsequent scrumping?

  • Swindon is foul. The old town is quite nice, still got some nice old buildings (had a good secondhand bookshop and a very nice cafe called “Reds” which did a superb tuna pasta bake and a banoffee pie that was truely legendary, almost, almost as good as the one you get at the Honey Cafe at Bronllys on the way up to Hay-on-Wye from Swansea), but the area around the Brunel Centre is soul destroying. I have driven round the fabled Magic Roundabout, on three separate occasions, and survived, but the memory still haunts me some nights.

    What can you expect from a place with a name that translates out as “Pig Hill”.

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