So, what’s the best news article posted on TOS over the last God-knows how many weeks we’ve been away?

Is it the piece on the 2008 calendar parody ads being available to buy as prints? No, although it’s excellent news – although I’ve still got my eye on this little beauty.

Is it all the stuff on Hattie and Norm’s Double Header tour? No, although it is in my contract that I have to say that a) Norm is a hypocrite, and b) The Flash website is vile. Still, Steve Harris – our erstwhile Norm-basher – has said in our Forum he really enjoyed it, so it may well be worth going if you can make one of the dates.

Is it the piece on Bodysnatcher and Just The Smegs being released in Region 4 on May 7th? No, although I’m genuinely embarrassed we never reported on that, as it’s big news. Sorry, Australians, although you shouldn’t have made Home and Away look crap. Anyway, you may of course add my usual rant about the appalling design classification labelling at your leisure.

Is it the new desktop backgrounds – the anniversary logo, and widescreen versions of some of the older ones? No, although I love the new widescreen backgrounds to bits, as I was fed up of having to crop them all on my widescreen monitor. We truly are living in 2008.

Is it this recommendation to buy the Absolutely boxset? No, but If I could just add the following: BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT IT’S FUCKING BRILLIANT ONE OF THE BEST SKETCH SHOWS EVER MADE BUY THE FUCKER YOU FUCKERS. Thanks.

Is it this piece on the new Fanclub website? No, but it’s a huge step in the right direction for the club, and a million miles better than the old site.

Is it this piece on the release of a Just The Mobisodes DVD? No, and I’d like to point out what a crap joke it is – and anyone who did anything similar should never be allowed to write anything about Red Dwarf ever again. But it is nice to have a proper list of the mobisodes, even though I hate them. What that says about me, I’m not entirely sure. Apart from the fact that I’m a complete dick.

No, my favourite TOS article – of all time – is… this. It’s not just those pesky certain areas of fandom, then…

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  • “Home and Away” IS crap. Completely worthless crap. If “Home and Away” were a solid object I would set fire to it and then piss on the ashes. Same goes for “Neighbours”.

    By the way, I LOVE THE BODYSNATCHER COLLECTION!!! IT’S BRILLIANT!!! And I’m not even too bothered by the awkward case design.

  • Yeah, but if people in the UK stopped watching them, they would stop being made! A majority of both shows’ income come from UK viewings, not Australia.

  • I never miss Neighbours. My deepest apologies my friend. Saying that, it’s definitely improved recently.

  • Don’t forget big Sal!.. (i have dreams about big Sal)…teachers weren’t like that when i were a lad!..

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