On Thursday 27th November 2008, Robert Llewellyn once again failed to have dirty sex thoughts while encased in pounds of liquid plaster. Things seem on course for what is surely going to be the most historic event to be taking place on January 20th next year.

I’m sure you all know by now that Robert Llewellyn is currently the most fruitful source of NEWS regarding the specials. Between his Twitter, YouTube channel and TV appearances he’s broken pretty much every big story about the specials, with GNP taking the more sober and sensible route of only announcing or commenting on anything when it’s set in several cubic inches of stone. I think we can safely say the new Kryten mask is being made, though:

Robert Llewellyn after his mask fitting

Hurrah! The cast has been made and the mask is probably being modelled RIGHT NOW. For all the talk we’ve heard since these specials were announced this picture represents the first visual proof that things are happening, and that’s very exciting. I mean, this means everything is now *definitely* going ahead as planned, doesn’t it? Surely nothing can go wrong at this point? Oh.

In other news we’ve had a recent flurry of new entries to our Just The Locations competition, finally setting my worries about my custom PHP not working properly to rest. However, we want MORE so let’s see if anyone out there can match our current (bloody impressive) high score and force us to come up with a good tie breaker.

So, go on. Off you fuck.

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  • Now, you see. I’m starting to get a little bit excited about this, as we’re seeing ACTUAL EVIDENCE of new ‘Dwarf’ ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

  • > Surely nothing can go wrong at this point?

    Well, yes, it still could all go tits up …. but I remain optimistic.

  • Finally some info from GNP and some nice artwork (if you can call it that), good that Andrea is on board, she done some lovely heads back in the day. looking at that photo of Robert, are those pictures oof Chris and Craig in the tool case on the right?

  • Update has a big THE BEGINNING graphic beneath it…

    Significant? Probably not. But it got me thinking.

    My guess for the “clip show with a difference”:

    It actually takes place before the events of the show as we know it. Pre-radiation leak. So rather than standard clipshows (“Hey, remember that time…”) the characters will be given visions of future events. Maybe the crew as we left them in series VIII will travel through time somehow and warn their younger counterparts of certain dangers and hilarious situations that we at home can view as clips.

    Odds of me being correct: 1: 9000000000000000000000. But that’s my guess.

  • From Bobby’s Twitter:

    “I will endeavor to post something really gripping and interesting soon.”

  • I think the Clip Show With A Different will likely be scenes from previous episodes, re-shot with the cast as they are now, woven into a “new” story.

    Possibly not.

  • I think it will be a Peep Show clip show with Craig and Danny whited up as Mark and Jez.

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