Back To Shepperton

Oh yes. After that single day of shooting on the Corrie set a couple of weeks ago, Red Dwarf starts principal photography today at Shepperton – for the first time in over ten years. (DVD bonus material aside.)

We did plan to have a 24-hour vigil outside the studio gates, but unfortunately the police got involved, arrests were made, and it all got rather unpleasant. Instead, we’ll have to settle for wishing the production team well – partly because we’re a bunch of soft bastards, but also because, well, we obviously want this to be fucking great too. Although I’m still not quite sure I believe this is happening. I bet they all get sent home at 10am.

But in all seriousness – as though the last couple of weeks haven’t been exciting enough, this is where things start to get really interesting. Good luck, everybody – here it comes…


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  1. Wait, are they making new Red Dwarf?

  2. >Wait, are they making new Red Dwarf?

    Heh. I do hope that was a joke…

  3. 21 Years and a day after It all began late one night on BBC Two.

    Its mind-bendingly exciting for me, as this is the first time Ive been able to follow the production on the internet. 1998/9 was’nt really all that great for keeping track of what was happening.

    I hope someone on the Red Dwarf production reads this (Andrew), because I genuinley mean It with the hignest respect… I (as are millions of fans) are 100% behind you all. The VERY best of luck! Have a ball at Shepperton!

  4. I’m really looking forward to these new episodes, it’s the first time i’ve been able to follow the production like this since i was only a kid during it’s first run, seriously, best of luck to everyone involved.

  5. really exiting news, great to hear its starting shooting properly. hoping it all goes well, enjoy it guys

  6. Less than eight weeks, and I’ve got a warm feeling inside.

  7. I am safe in the knowledge that Rob is now wearing a Kryten mask, it fills me with joy.

  8. Half way through the day and I’d just like to say ‘Eeeep!’

  9. G&T Admin

    Have you fucked it up, Andrew? You have, haven’t you?

  10. But we all know there is no film in this camera…

  11. I wonder what set they’re on. The only thing that’s definite, I’d say, is that they’ll be using the Starbug cockpit set at some point (maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but surely it will feature). Everything else is up in the air.

  12. Why Starbug?

    It was destroyed at the beginning of Series VIII.

  13. But if they used another Starbug, the sets would have to be pre-season VI and VII as Kryten remodelled during the 200 year deep sleep period and of course, taking into account the anomalies that reshaped the cargo spaces after ‘Out Of Time’.

    Or they’ll just tell the pedantic fans to fuck off and use the same sets.

    I hope they tell us to fuck off.

  14. Maybe it’ll be White Midget… but I doubt it.

  15. Maybe they’ll cancel the specials and let us get back to a normal-ish life.

  16. Speak for yourself. I plan to Dwarf-on forever…

  17. > Starbug ONE was destroyed? ;-)

    Depends which reality you’re referring to I guess… if they’re still in the backwards universe, the opposite will be the case, and Starbug possibly wont have exploded.

    Of course a certain someone reading these conspiricies will be giggling to themselves, knowing full well what’s really the case. *shakes fist* haha!

  18. > Or they?ll just tell the pedantic fans to fuck off and use the same sets.

    Those sets are long-destroyed. Whatever they shoot on will be newly-constructed.

  19. Would it be too much to ask for a copy/paste when people report Twitter findings? The messages themselves aren’t much longer than the links you’re pasting, and for those of us trapped at work (with Twitter as a blocked site) we can’t see what you’re reporting on.

  20. No worries, SO. Just a request for future readability.

  21. >Starbug ONE was destroyed? ;-)

    And the rest of the shuttles were taken by the other fleeing crew-members. (If it follows that continuity.)

    I’m wondering if the carbug was made from Starbug’s wreckage though.

  22. Agreed. I can’t imagine how much we’d all have been tearing our hair out waiting for updates without Bobby helping us out over the past few months

  23. G&T Admin

    He leaks like my bell end.

    He never seems especially apologetic for it, either. Great for us, but I wonder how much it drives GNP mad!

  24. It doesn’t surprise me that Bobby got bollocked for saying about Unplugged being ‘postponed’. After all, it’s been officially mentioned as a part of BTE for ages, both by Dave and GNP, so for him to just say it was off out of the blue was jumping the gun on announcements. Maybe Dave didn’t even know it wasn’t happening!!

    Tbh what little we know about the episodes themselves, and the way they’re being made, sounds VERY promising to me, so Bobby saying it could be ‘possibly better’ than anything they’ve done before COULD be true. I doubt the comedy will be better (only because what we had before was SO good, it would be unfair to expect it to be matched.), but as far as the storyline, the acting, the production, the overall product goes, it could well be the best Red Dwarf yet.

    I just got butterflies in my stomach thinking about that! No-one I know understands the significance… I’m like “New Red Dwarf! New Red Dwarf!” My g/f is so pissed off that Easter weekend goings-on have been decided upon (or rather AGAINST!) solely due to Dwarf. Who as well, but I probably could have handled missing Who if required, what with inevitable BBC3 repeats (Planet of the Dead is hardly getting my tastebuds going anyway, as of yet).

  25. Well it sounds like he’s might’ve done it again on Twitter:

    “Quick reminder. 4 new half hour eps of Red Dwarf broadcast on Chanel Dave on Friday 10th April in UK. Released on DVD worldwide soon after”

    “4 epse and a behind the sc enes special, sorry, I should always be specific!”

    So either he’s completley and utterly wrong, or we’re now getting FOUR episodes as well as the behind the scenes special.

    EDIT: Sorry my mistake, he’s already corrected himself… THREE episodes and not four. Sigh, and there’s me getting a little more excited… *sniff*

  26. I wonder if Craig’s broken any props yet?

  27. Craig, oh, Craig…

  28. Great for us, but I wonder how much it drives GNP mad!

    Not as much as Norman does, I bet.

  29. Think Danny turned up on time?

  30. I wonder if Tony Hawks has got a bit part in the episodes again :P

  31. “Another steaming pile of […] smeg.”
    –Robert Llewellyn on the new specials

  32. from TOS

    >Another newcomer will be Australian Mike Seymour

    im guessing its him

  33. Mike Skinner from The Streets. He’s the new Holly.

  34. Mike Seymour’s the effects supervisor, isn’t he? It’s good to hear that this isn’t just involving CGI in post (unless he was just on set showing them some pre-viz stuff).

  35. G&T Admin

    Sounds like actual physical effects, to me! I wonder if he’ll be doing model shoots, too?

    (Although, if I’m perfectly honest, I can totally understand if they go down the CG route with Chris Veale. You can’t expect everything at this stage.)

  36. Mike Seymour must do great shadow puppetry

  37. Wouldn’t model work actually involve building all-new models at this point? Which can’t be cheap.

    I would imagine it will be all CGI (but then what do I know? Nobody listen to me, I’m nobody. Pretend I’m not here.)

  38. G&T Admin

    I assume the new Dwarf and Blue Midget models still exist somewhere.

  39. They could always buy the corgi models and zoom in. A bit of wire-work (or rather ‘thread-work’ in this case) and presto.

    (I’m only joking.)

    Actually those models do look good…

  40. Didn’t we plan on doing a model shoot for TM:YNYN with the Corgi models but ran out of time?

  41. Whr dd ll th vwls g?


  42. p yr rs, scnd shlf.

  43. G&T Admin

    bhnd th prngls

  44. *applauds*

    pt the kttl n hv lvly cp f t?

  45. G&T Admin

    Tw n th pdls, tw n th whl, n n th -Z, T CLD HPPN!

  46. Gd, lv Bll Bly.

  47. Script Extract!!!!!!1!!1!11!!!11! Robert Llewellyn has given this script extract on his Twitter page –
    “No way can I tell you any of my lines. , oh, okay, here’s one . ‘Yes sir!'”

    “Yes sir” is a Kryten line, start the speculation, who is it to, I think it is to Lister.

  48. I think he utters that line in the Man to Man with Birdman special.

  49. Where on earth would we be without Robert? Loving his latest update:

    Just recorded Kryten monologue for You Tube. It’s not on yet. Will post it this weekend. Early finish for me today

    I’m all moist.

  50. Let’s just clarify his YouTube vid will NOT be about any spoilers, we’ll hear everything we already know, and then get his usual liberal opinions… which is fab don’t get me wrong, but we don’t want a million people concluding he’ll reveal all haha.

  51. He mentioned recently that he was going to try to do a WLW in the rubber mask – I assume this is what it is ..?

  52. Probably yeah, but also in character… almost a fictitional WLW from Kryten’s standpoint perhaps. I dunno, probably wrong but think that’d be comical!

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