It barely seems any time since last year’s most excellent DJ and now things are ramping up for XVI, which will be held once again at Birmingham City Centre Holiday Inn, from the 23rd to the 25th of July. So, you want confirmed guests? Well, you’ve got them so quit whining.

To assume is to make a cunt out of you and me, but there are certain things in life you can always count on, such as Chris, Danny and Robert attending DJ. So, you’ll be pleased to hear that’s exactly what they’re doing. Last year’s DJ saw these three stalwarts in pretty excellent form, fresh with new stories and enthusiasm for the show after the broadcast of Back to Earth, so it’s great to see them confirmed again when they’ll hopefully be full of SECRETS about the looming new series.

However, DJ just wouldn’t be DJ without a special guest. Maybe someone who’s played a more minor role in the show but their body of work outside Dwarf make them fascinating none-the-less? Well, last year we had the quite magnificent Richard O’Callahan charming the arses off everyone he talked to and this year we have Jon Glover! His role in Back to Earth was certainly a brief one, but if past credits including Spitting Image, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Harry Enfield’s Television Programme and Smallville don’t excite your quivering gland then you’re quite clearly dead inside.

If you’ve still not booked for the convention or your hotel room then this is the place you want. Team G&T hope to see you there, providing you shower us with the finest meats and wines.

4 comments on “Dimension Jump guests, anyone?

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  • I’m looking forward to Jon Glover, should be interesting.
    But it would be great to have RO’C back, too.

  • > Team G&T hope to see you there, providing you shower us with the finest meats and wines.

    Psch. I’ll throw in a half of bitter and a Curly Wurly but that’s my final offer.

    Also. Yay for DJ!

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