Well, it might not be HERE for you yet but it’s certainly HERE for me, because I’m now sat in the hotel with that familiar feeling of joy crossed with a tiny bit of panic.

This year is definitely going to be one to remember as, among the usual DJ delights, Doug Naylor will be attending for the first time since 1997. He’ll be bringing some exclusive news and a brain that contains probably the most concentrated dose of Dwarf knowledge on Earth. Steps may have to be taken to stop his Q&A turning into a sleepover.

Be sure to come and say hello if you see any of us about. You’ll be able to identify me as I’ll be the one with long blonde hair, limping around with the rest of the Fan Club team trying not to burst into tears and the rest of G&T because they’ll be LOUNGING AROUND on the VERANDA drinking COCKTAILS.

As always, we’ll be providing you with a demented multimedia service over the weekend, including Tweets aplenty in the usual place and, of course, DwarfCasts. In previous years we’ve waiting until after the event to publish them, but this year we’re going to be uploading them as soon as we finish recording. Expect them be rough, ready and on very shaky legal ground.

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  • Well, bought me ticket last year when I had money, but circumstances changed, and now I’m skint, can’t afford to get to Brum, or get a hotel. So I hope you all have a shit time. :)

  • Now it’s over, I wish you all the very quietest most stationery of cockroaches, this coming morning.

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