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Hattie Hayridge, the comedian and actress who played Holly in TV’s popular Red Dwarf programme, popped round to G&T Towers for a cup of tea, so we shoved a microphone in her face and discussed such topics as the impact and legacy of Red Dwarf, whether it’s worth watching any episodes that don’t have Hattie in, and a surprising amount about poker. We also asked some of your burning questions, and graciously allowed Hattie to pick her favourite Holly moment for inclusion in the next edition of High & Low. Ian Symes is your host, and his posse consists of Danny Stephenson and Jo Sharples.

DwarfCast 60 – DwarfCast 60 – Hattie Hayridge Interview (52.4MB)

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  • A wonderful interview! Thanks guys, and thank you Hattie for answering my question!

    P.S Noticed the ‘Doctor Who: Lost in Time’ boxset on the table! True dedication.

  • Thanks guys for posing my question and thanks to Hattie for answering it. Now I can say I’ve written words that have been spoken by Hattie (“authoritative”), so now I have something new in common with Rob and Doug. Yes!

    Though we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of knowing where the hell Holly was in the third act of Quarantine. The mystery lingers.

  • > “Are we to assume that Norman will be next?”

    I’d say you’ve got more chance getting an interview out of William Hartnell.

  • Hey you asked a question of mine. Thanks. Early Daniel Kitson and Sean Lock are on my list of favourites too. You should’ve asked the one about me wanting to fuck her. We’d get on GREAT.
    And now, I’ll return to being a normal person again.
    Lovely interview.

  • Although it’s stupidly obvious, given norm wore it, I never actually noticed it was a wig hattie was wearing in beat the geek.

    (Jon bangs head on laptop screen)

    Enjoyed that dwarfcast.

    At Mani506. It’s more the latest in a series. Given they have interviewed. Bill Pearson, Rebbecca Black Stone etc. etc.

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