Two weeks ago, Doug Naylor stood on stage at Dimension Jump and announced two new series of Red Dwarf.

This caused a certain amount of excitement.

Two weeks on, the official Red Dwarf Twitter account – verified and everything – has yet to update with the news. In fact its last update was back in November 2012, shortly after Red Dwarf X finished.

This does not warrant a huge article. I merely want to point out something which is rapidly becoming one of the stupidest things I have ever seen on social media. I mean, maybe not quite as bad as this yet, but they’re getting there.

Go ahead, @RedDwarfHQ. Continue making the franchise look absolutely fucking ridiculous. You fucking dick.

UPDATE (22/05/15): Congratulations. Scrambling in a red alert situation, a new record time – 20 days, three hours, 54 minutes.

Still, lovely to see the account back up and running. And reading between the lines, it’s not difficult to figure out that whoever was in charge of social media during Red Dwarf X clearly didn’t do their due diligence in terms of what to do with the account. Hell, there wasn’t even a goodbye message

Onwards and upwards. When can I start bitching about how shit Red Dwarf XI is? 20 days after the announcement is long enough, isn’t it?

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