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After nearly two months, I’ve finally received most of the order that I placed with the Red Dwarf Shop on the day it opened. The operators, Sandbag, have not come across well during this minor fiasco. On October 25th, they sent an email to all customers still awaiting delivery, which anecdotal evidence suggests was pretty much everyone, to say that deliveries would on their way soon. It’s been claimed by various sources that at least one of the Krysis keyring, Starbug t-shirt and badges were causing the problem, but their policy of waiting until the entire order is in stock before sending anything, rather than just sending the missing stuff later, is a foolish one. Furthermore, I know people who didn’t order any of those items, but are still yet to receive anything.

It seems the best way to resolve the situation is to complain, which I did a week after the aforementioned email. The ‘contact us’ link on my initial order confirmation was not much use, but I eventually tracked them down to and sure enough, my order was dispatched (minus the pesky keyring and Starbug t-shirt) the very next day. It’s a sad state of affairs that this is what it takes to receive goods that you ordered before Red Dwarf XI even started.

But anyway, now that the stuff is here, is it any good? We present the instant reactions of G&T’s Ian Symes as he performs the debagging ceremony.

With thanks to Tom Pyott on camera duties.

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20 Responses to Red Dwarf Shop Debagging Video

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  1. At no point during this video did you steal the trousers off the people who run the Red Dwarf shop,
    So i find the title incorrect.

    I’m liking my 18 of 241 Tshirt and badges though but my stir-master hasn’t arrived,

  2. I’m surprised the poster wasn’t sent in a tube. Mounted like that is asking for trouble. Bending, folding, and general fuck-uppery. And within a *bag* like that? Yikes.

  3. Are more recent orders being treated less shitly, does anyone know?

  4. I doubt it, Sandbag are fucking shit. I’ve had this exact problem recently with a CD I ordered from a label who use them. This is maybe the third time I’ve mentioned that, but I like repeating myself.

    I’m not used to seeing Ian’s voice come from Ian’s face and it’s very weird. Still, I love the G&T ident at the beginning so all is well.

  5. I’ve not received any of mine yet. I’ve ordered one of everything but in two separate orders about a month apart from each other (waiting for payday haha). None of my orders have arrived.

    I haven’t emailed Sandbag and I’m not in a massive rush as I’m in the process of moving house and it’ll probably just be boxed away until I’ve moved (I’m getting it delivered to my mum’s address, don’t worry). I think I might hold off from emailing them just to see how long it actually takes to receive my items. I wonder if they’ll arrive before Christmas?

  6. Cheers for doing that, the chance to see these ‘in the flesh’ is appreciated.

    That Toytown mug can get gone.

  7. No Sign of the Starbug T-Shirt i ordered the Hour the shop opened!!

  8. I’ve just had an email saying Starbug t-shirts are delayed until 21st November. I was also told it was being sent out last week though so make of that information what you will.

  9. Red Dwarf XI merchandise, there.

  10. It’ll be Red Dwarf XII merch by the time it arrives.

  11. The merch will reach the end of time before realizing that the the only point to life is to have made it worth living

  12. So my poster arrived today:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Interesting to know that I was able to get my merchandise here in Canada before some did in the UK, although I did just order the poster.

  13. G&T Admin

    Yes, it seems that new orders are being processed straight away (which is fair enough), but the backlog of earlier orders is not being cleared quickly enough (which is not fair enough).

  14. I received an email today to tell me my first order has been despatched. No word yet on my second order.

  15. G&T Admin

    We won’t know about the Second Order until Star Wars X. Probably.

  16. Ian, do you plan to do follow up video as and when and if and maybe the rest of your stuff arrives?

  17. G&T Admin

    I might have done, but the rest of the stuff has indeed now arrived, and I forgot.

  18. Bollocks. Deprived of yet more enjoyment. Thank fuck for that Lego news.

  19. I’ve stuck a couple of items from the shop on my Christmas list – if my family and loved ones order them today or at some point within the next fortnight, will they probably arrive in time for Christmas without any further prompting?

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