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We’ve set a lot of Red Dwarf quizzes in our time, but are we any good at answering them? Well, we already know that Cappsy isn’t, but what about Ian and Danny? It’s time to find out, as we put our reputations on the line by taking on a series of Sporcle quizzes that probe every aspect of our mental capabilities. Want to play along? You’ll find a big list of quizzes underneath the video – take them, then watch the vid, then tell us how you did. Oh, and you’re probably better off clicking through to YouTube and going full-screen if you want to see what we’re typing properly. Byte Two coming soon!

1. Characters with the most lines
2. Follow that Line
3. Tongue Tied lyrics
4. Episodes by last line
5. Red Dwarf A-Z
6. Guest stars

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  • my solo scores:

    1. 53% (got stuck on the same human you did)

    2. 100%, with 6:44 on the clock

    3. 116/150, gave up with 6:00 on the clock

    4. 20/34, gave up with 1:30 on clock, shamefully low

  • Ooh nice concept!

    Only tackled the first one so far: 69% which is not amazing but I’ll take it! Pissed off with myself for discounting a whole bunch of characters because something similar from another episode wasn’t recognised but I think it’s a fair distinction.

    EDIT: and the second one done. 100% with 06:42 left on the clock!

  • Well that was fun, an actual brain tickler that I took far too seriously.

    1. 54% (I named a LOT of characters with fewer than 26 lines)
    2. 96%, 5:56 on the clock (one wrong)
    3. 95%, no chance I was getting the gobbledygook
    4. 74%, damn
    5. 58% with 5 minutes to go. I don’t like that one. I’m calling bullshit on O — that’s 0, not O
    6. No, I cannot name the Red Dwarf Guest Stars

    Regarding Tongue Tied… isn’t there a line that goes “I drool so much I drown, girl?”, or is that an extended version?

  • 1. 52% (can’t believe I didn’t get Confidence & Paranoia, mind went blank)

    2. 100%, 7:06 on the clock

    3. 140/150, gave up with 4:20 on the clock

    4. 31/34 (didn’t get BTE, Cassandra or Entangled)

    5. 23/26, gave up with 5:57 on the clock (Obviously not a true fan, being unable to spell ‘Jozxyqk’, ‘My Favourite Show‘ and ‘Question – The Ultimate One’)

    6. 26/33, gave up with 3:20 on the clock (didn’t get: Chen, Selby – first name only, Simulant – first name only, Cassandra – was trying Gwendolyn, Doc Newton, Captain Voorhese – first name only, Lanstrom


  • 1. 46%, which isn’t bad given that I misunderstood the point of the game and only realised there was a time limit about two minutes from the end.

    2. 100%/7:50

    3. 139/150, the gibberish words mostly eluded me.

    4. 33/34 (“Smeg!” was the only one I didn’t get)

    5. 69%, but for some reason I couldn’t scroll down to the letters past M on my phone without it automatically taking me straight back to the top, so struggled to read the clues.

    6. 20/33

  • You mean you don’t have to get them all right and in the exact right order? That’s like a baby’s quiz.

    So I consider that I failed at question 11 after guessing an different hallucination.

  • Fun stuff! Obviously couldn’t beat Team G&T, but I did OK I guess:

    1. 34/67. I am not good at remembering character names, but I was also scuppered by the inconsistent formatting. I put “Deb” and nothing happened, so I just assumed none of the Parallel Universe characters were in it.

    2. 100%. The easiest one, especially if you knock out the obvious ones first.

    3. 138/150. I really wish I’d seen that tip about automatically completing the nonsense words.

    4. 100%. Thank fuck. My reputation was on the line with this one. And I almost had a disaster, as I was down to the last 2 and the stupid ad and pop-up ridden mobile tab decided it didn’t want to scroll down. I managed to work it, but finished with only 6 seconds left.

    5. 18/26. Yeah, I’ve maybe seen Red Dwarf A-Z twice total, and despite having clues, the weird directness of them and the all over the place syntax of the answers threw me.

    6. 23/33. I guess I’m a bit better at remembering actor names than character names, but I was annoyed that Robert Bathurst dropped out of my brain, and I felt especially bad to not get Nicholas Ball, given he only just passed away.

    4. 33/34 (“Smeg!” was the only one I didn’t get)

    I kind of objected to this one, because no way is that line in Cassandra exclaimed. Lister almost says it under his breath. You can reason that it probably wouldn’t have been included if there were multiple episodes that ended with a “smeg” of any emphasis, but it’s tougher to do that under pressure.

  • I often find with Sporcle quizzes it’s interesting to look at the quiz stats, so you can check how many people got the easiest answers (and how few got the hardest). It lets you feel smug when you got the most obscure ones (and kick yourself for missing obvious ones).

    My Sporcle account had done a few of these before:

    1. Red Dwarf Most Lines Quiz

    * 27 (back in 2021)
    * 27 (today)

    The site has a similar quiz to list the most frequently appearing characters in The Simpsons, and that’s another one where I found it hard to remember names to fill in gaps in the character list.

    2. Follow that Line

    * Previous: 28 in 4:37 (I’d done this one in March 2024)
    * Today – Mis-tapped on mobile so I didn’t get them all :(

    3. Tongue Tied Lyrics

    * Today: 138

    On mobile, it didn’t let me scroll down or zoom out to see the full columns, which made it hard to go through the song from start to finish.

    (Missed: Are, near, cross, dance, floor, birds, bees, unravelled… and also some others but I switched tabs and it reloaded the quiz when I went back, so I couldn’t see which others I missed) 

    4. Last Lines

    * Previously: 22 (12 September 2020)
    * Today: 22  (Missed: DNA, Ouroboros, Polymorph, Psirens, Backwards, Entangled, Cassandra, Stoke, Meltdown, Demons, Beyond, Timeslides)

    5. A to Z

    * 24/26 (I kept going for variants of “My favourite/best episode” instead of “…show”, and I entered “Ve” but never tried “Vee”.)

    6. Guest stars

    * 13 of 33. I was OK at most of the actors who I’ve seen in other things, but I was really bad at remembering the ones that I only know from their Red Dwarf appearances.

  • Got all the last lines except Beyond a Joke and had to look up the context for that even once I knew the episode. 

    For the guest stars I just couldn’t think of Sarah “her off Smack the Pony, Peter Serafinowicz’ missus” Alexander, Robert Bathurst, Ricky Grover, Graham McTavish, Ken “Reg Holdsworth ffs” Morley, Maggie Steed or David Gillespie. Also had to look up Doc Newton after I’d finished. That’s who I thought she was but didn’t know the name of that actress anyway. Right, now to watch the video. 

  • Didn’t think to check it was the American spelling of Mah Favourite Show. Couldn’t remember Anita Dobson’s name. Only got forty per cent on the characters with most lines. Spent too long trying to remember who the guy who says ‘it really scrooo-ooh-ooh-oohs you up’ was.

  • Whoever made the A-Z one was a fool, you can set it so it accepts variations on the answer – ie alternate spellings – so that favourite should have been added in anyway if they were any kind of decent human being.

    Also, that was the most abrupt ending since Officer Rimmer.

  • Yeah, shot it as one video, then we ended up doing way more quizzes than intended so we’ve split it into two, clunkily.

  • Watching the video, and the slow singing of Tongue Tied as you fill in the lyrics is really reminding me of Steve Coogan doing Roger Moore singing Alanis Morissette in The Trip.

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