Lister’s Coming Home…

Thanks to EvoFan in the forums, who has pointed us towards this potentially spoileriffic link:

More soon – although frankly, the phrase “Geek Chase Part Deux” springs to mind…

ADDITIONAL (6:48pm): Yeah, erm, you might want to click around for a bit. Anyone want a SEVEN MINUTE PREVIEW DOCUMENTARY WITH FUCKING CLIPS FROM THE FUCKING SHOW, anyone?

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Insert Amusing Downtime Quote Here

Just a quick note to let you know that we’re changing servers tonight, as preparation for a BACKEND update next week – and also to prevent things like this happening IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING EPISODES BEING BROADCAST. So, comments will be switched off at 1am, and whilst you’ll still be able to view the site, you’ll have to wait until we’ve finished fucking about and the server change filters through to YOUR END before you can post again. Things should be back to normal by the morning.

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New Teaser! First look at ship!

Thanks to hummingbird, who posted in our forum about a new Dwarf teaser on Dave – “a shot of the original ship with the trumpet fanfare, a ‘Coming soon’ logo, and ‘New on Dave. Coming soon’ VO.”

Anyone fancy doing our job for us again and supplying a video? Please?

ADDITIONAL: The excellent jayj has uploaded the teaser, both on YouTube and as a high quality MPEG2 file. Our first view of the “new” ship! More from us later…

ADDITIONAL ADDITIONAL: OK, a few thoughts follow.

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