Dave’s Red Dwarf Weekends: VIII Edits

REMOVING on-screen from Back In The Red Part 3

For many years, I have sat perched on the edge of my chair, bitching about UKTV and Red Dwarf edits. About how pointless they are, about how they show no respect for the show, about how they often cut out the funniest moments of the episode. But whenever it came to documenting them, it seemed an insurmountable task.

Well, with Dave showing each series in the run-up to Red Dwarf X, it’s pretty much now or never. So, in the sprit of my recent I’m Alan Partridge Series 2 dissection, here is a list of every edit made to Red Dwarf VIII, as shown on Dave pre-watershed on Saturday 8th September. Whilst reading this article, you may wish to ponder this dichotomy: how can a channel care so much about Red Dwarf to commission a new series, and yet give its repeats so little respect?

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A comedy series set in space

What with all the excitement about Red Dwarf X, let’s not forget that G&T loves to bang on about obscure things from ages ago, too. Several years ago, me and Ian did some research in a massive concrete block for an article on the contemporary reaction to the very first series of Dwarf. The other day, I came across this sheaf of photocopies, and the below seemed worth posting on its own – the Radio Times episode capsule for The End, from its original broadcast on 15th February 1988.

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New Broadcasting House, Oxford Road (1976-2011)

We admit this rather snuck up on us. Last night, BBC Manchester’s New Broadcasting House studios in Oxford Road closed its doors after 35 years. Over the decades, the studios have been host to any number of shows – A Question of Sport, The 8:15 from Manchester, Mastermind, Filthy Rich & Catflap, Life on Mars, North West Tonight… and, of course, the first three series of Red Dwarf.

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Doctor Dwarf: The Girl Who Waited

AMY: And where have you been? I’ve been here a week.
THE DOCTOR: I’m so sorry. Ah-ha, same room, different times, two different time streams running in parallel but at different speeds. Amy, you’re in a faster time stream!

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With our reports having long ago turned to podcasts, it seems right that we draw attention to TOS’s written efforts, for those who really can’t stand the idea of listening to an hour and a half of whining – or, even more annoying, an hour and a half of shrieking excitement.

So, I suggest you go and read what has spurted from the excellent Rich Lawden immediately. Just try to ignore things like this. Or worse, this.

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Series X “Confirmed”

Doug announcement. Dave press release. And the important bit: a podcast from us tonight.

Pre-production: October 2011. Shooting: November-January. Broadcast: September/October 2012. Studio audience preferred. 6 x 30 minute episodes, to fit in a 40+ minute slot. And yes, Dave are calling it Series X.

And the quote marks around “confirmed”? Simply that the cast haven’t signed on yet. But nobody appears to be too worried that they will. At the moment, anyway.

The worst-kept secret in showbusiness? Quite possibly. But make no mistake: it starts here, folks…

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