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    Currently writing a thing about Dwarf and just wanted to see if anyone could answer this question: Have Rob or Doug ever said anything about the use of time travel in the show?

    By way of comparison: the creators of Futurama said that they were against the idea of time travel stories when the show first started, and when they finally did an episode involving it they made sure the method by which the characters travelled back in time was the result of a rare event (namely, a supernova reacting with microwave radiation).

    They didn’t stick to this line, incidentally, as later episodes often feature far more readily accessible methods of time travel. But did Rob or Doug ever happen to make a similar pronouncement?

    Plastic Percy

    They’ve never put much thought into it, aside from it’s use as a plot device. They very quickly gloss over how the photographs work in Timeslides and it was left to Craig Charles to point out a logical inconsistency in their writing. The skiers in the photos Lister got back due to a mixup at the developers were originally supposed to have a line about how they got back photos of a stag-do Lister went on, recieving photos of him and his mates drinking and being sick. Charles pointed out that because the photo was taken before they sent the photos off to be developed, they wouldn’t yet have recieved them at the time the photo was taken.

    Seb Patrick

    Dammit, I thought this was going to be about something else.

    I want to find out how it ends…


    Ah, I’d forgotten about the Timeslides thing! That’s excellent, I can definitely use that in the Thing I Am Writing, thanks.


    Dammit, I thought this was going to be about something else

    Actually Seb, so did I.

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