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    Tyler Perry

    Hello my friends, and fans of great comedy!

    I know you have wondered why I’ve been so quiet lately, and not on the talk shows, but like the angel says in the story of Jesus, “There isn’t anything to be afraid of!” I have actually been working on a holiday treat for everybody, and I know you will agree it was worth waiting for.

    It’s A MADEA CHRISTMAS, and it’s a brand new movie that I have written, directed, and starred in. (As Madea.) It’s based on my hit play, which a lot of people still talk about, but I think this is the definitive version! The play was different because it was always live, so with a movie I could make sure the actors got all the lines right, and that helped a lot.

    I know fans of your favorite TV show will love this. It has comedy, emotions, and a little bit of thinking. Let’s just say this is not your grandmother’s Christmas dinner. Unless your grandmother is as crazy as Madea!

    I am even happy to tell you the release date. It is December 13. That’s a Friday, which means you’ll have all weekend to see it again!

    A MADEA CHRISTMAS is a Tyler Perry film, December 13 in theaters nationwide. This film is not yet rated.

    If you like comedy and laughter, and from your TV show I know you do, you will love A MADEA CHRISTMAS. If you don’t, you must really be humbuggin!




    Does it have penguins in it? I think penguins have to be the funniest birds for a christmas comedy movie.

    Ben Paddon

    It’s a Christmas movie, of course it’ll have penguins in it.

    How is that even a question?


    And I thought <b> <i> I </b> </i> was a marketing whore…..


    The grandma of mine who hasn’t got dementia has just been diagnosed with cancer of the bone. Thanks for that reminder, Tyler, you BASTARD.


    ….. This is because of Lister in the gingham dress, isn’t it?


    Is this a movie about the 3 breasted woman I asked Santa for?

    I’m really a leg man!


    I feel everybody won on this day!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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