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    Free Image Hosting at

    I did this a couple on months ago and then promptly forgot all about it. It’s my gift to you. But I can’t for the life of me remember which episode(s) it featured in. So my question:

    For the life of me which episode(s) did the attached postcard feature in?

    I tried sending this to for possible inclusion as the runt of the litter in the downloads section but received a ‘Delivery Status Notification (Failure)’? in return, is everything OK at G&T towers?



    Can’t Smeg, Won’t Smeg



    That was a long time episodes, I even forget that. You could have print the image and attached here instead for easy reference.

    Jason of “, a printing company in CA”


    Paul Muller

    “Do you mean it’s taken nine years?”

    “Yeah. That’s about average for a second class G&T post.”



    It actually took me years to realise that that was actually a postbox.

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