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    By Jove its holmes

    Has anyone ever wondered that if the fascist state in Back to Reality had been real, Lister could have used his position as Sebastian Doyle to bring it down?


    Every night before I sleep.


    Supposing he didn’t slowly turn back into Sebastian first.


    Maybe it collapsed when he killed himself. Ahh.

    Pete Part Three

    I think Back to Reality is a good episode, actually.


    It may have a brilliant plot with an intriguing idea alongside brilliant jokes, but the fact that the episode implies that Rimmer has forgotten that he had more successful brothers undoes more than the episode, and not just the whole show, but the entire fabric of science fiction. I imagine if they’d remastered the series they’d have fixed this problem.

    If the universe in the episode has been real and the show went in that direction, I’d imagine that Sebastian would’ve been more a middle man who’s allowed to have the illusion of power. Higher than the gun with the moustache, but with higher ups that could easily change him if he did anything out of the ordinary.

    Thinking about it, doesn’t that universe actually exist within the show now, due to the logic set down by Back to Earth?

    Pete Part Three

    >the logic set down by Back to Earth?


    ^ Good point, well made.


    Pretend I typed that out sarcastically. It makes me look less bad.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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