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    John Hoare

    G&T Admin




    That’s very nice. Let’s put that on the back burner, shall we?



    Without the BBC there would have been no Red Dwarf.


    Dollar Pound

    only relevant if we were discussing time travel


    Plastic Percy

    First comment in support I saw also made a pro-Brexit ‘freedom’ quote.

    So it’s a No from me.

    vive la Beeb.



    I haven’t watched the video, but with a stupid title like that I’m fairly sure it’s really shit


    Paul Muller

    That’s a yikes from me fam™



    I think it would fair fine under a subscription model like Netflix. You can’t justify it’s current purpose. It’s just a government propaganda machine now.

    But I’d like to hear why we should stick with a license fee model and for how long?


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin




    It’s funny really that if the BBC did it’s job as an impartial broadcaster for instance showcasing the true devastation of the Tory cuts then Labour could well have prevented the Tories winning in 2015. But hey ho.


    Ben Kirkham

    Wrong, wrong, absolutely brimming over with wrongability.


    Ben Kirkham

    My sister has lived in the USA for five years now. She has a great life, misses some things about the UK. But what she misses the most is the BBC.

    If we’re talking about bias and corruption in terms of broadcasting, look at Fox in the USA. It’s right-leaning, sure, and all points of view should be represented. But it’s also got it’s fingers in political matters. Would you rather a broadcaster that at least *tries* to be unbiased or would you like the world’s media to be run solely by Rupert Murdoch?

    My sister has ceased watching broadcast telly in America, by the way.

    The BBC is far from perfect. And it gets a kicking from the Left and from the Right. But it’s important. As Mark Gatiss once said “we should always be critical of the BBC, but we should also defend it to the fucking death”.



    CNN, ABC, CBS et all are bias the other way so……

    BBC America not available? If not watch BBC via a proxy.

    I’m not trying to get rid of the BBC I just don’t see it’s model suitable in these times and times to come.

    Oh and Mark Gatiss is a cunt. That coming from a fan of The League of Gentlemen.



    I only wanted the BBC to stop showing programmes containing men being smeared with chocolate under the guise that it was dog shite.

    This… this is going a touch too far.



    Berlin, you never fail to take my breath away.



    If I could find the synthesizer patch for the opening notes of that song, I’d be very happy.


    Dollar Pound

    ramesesniblickthethird is right of course and everyone knows it, even the beeb:

    drive room has been diligently covering this whole thing for a while, eg


    Plastic Percy

    The BBC makes Doctor Who and that’s enough to justify its existence to me.



    Doctor Who would be better served by Netflix nowadays.


    Dollar Pound


    Thanks for the links Dollar Pound.

    “If The BBC made Red Dwarf and that’s enough to justify its existence to me.”

    Fixed it for you ;)

    “Doctor Who would be better served by Netflix nowadays.”

    So true.


    Ben Saunders

    A year ago I would have agreed with the Doctor Who comment



    What changed in the last year?



    Malcolm Tucker grew some tits and a wee vag.



    Tucker’s Muck.

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