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    Check out that video news item!



    Direct link to video. PLEASE someone translate this. Is this a major News programme? Coz Im seriously impressed with the amount of discussion!


    Mr Flibble

    He said Dave!


    Ben Paddon

    Dug Naylooorrrre.



    I think that site is listed on the stats & data for some of my vids.

    Speaking of which…



    I’m quite interested in the Trpaslicon 2009. Convention by the looks of things. They have been doing it since 2003, and with some resulting pictures, you have to look!


    On that go onto the episode guide and look at what some are translated to, some favourites are –
    Balance of Power – The balance of forces
    Confidence and Paranoia – Assertiveness and Mindr?k
    Me2 – I, on the other
    Kryten – Kryton
    Stasis Leak – Cranny in st?zi
    Bodyswap – The exchange of bodies
    Camille – Kamila
    Dimension Jump – Another Dimension
    Meltdown – Melted
    Holoship – Hololo?
    Out of Time – In addition to reality
    Tikka to Ride – Hellishly tough trip
    Stoke Me a Clipper – Prepare pots
    Duct Soup – Test channel
    Beyond a Joke – No fun
    Back in the Red 1 – Back in June 1
    Back in the Red 2 – Back in the June 2
    Krytie TV – Television Kryton
    Only the Good – Just sympa??ci



    >Stasis Leak – Cranny in st?zi

    much love


    Pete Part Three

    >Beyond a Joke – No fun

    Is this a translation or a critique?



    >>Beyond a Joke – No fun
    >Is this a translation or a critique?
    I should have expected that.


    Tarka Dal

    > Tikka to Ride – Hellishly tough trip

    That’s my favourite.



    >Duct Soup – Test channel

    They got a better pun than we did.

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